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    Post by LuckyGurrl on Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:57 pm

    Overheard in the recruiting tent:

    Somebody: How do I get in your alliance?

    Alliance member 1: Don't ask!

    Somebody: Why? What do they do?

    Alliance member 2: *shifty eyes* Trust me you are MUCH better off not knowing.

    Somebody: What do you mean?

    Alliance Leader A: What is going on here?

    Alliance member 1: ... *gulp*

    Alliance member 2: *whispers* He wants to know how to join...

    Alliance Leader A: *evil grin* Come my friend let me tell you about our little alliance... Oh, would you like a bowl of stew while we talk?

    Somebody: *smiles* Sure sounds great.

    Alliance member 1: *turns white*

    Alliance member 2: *rushes away*

    Somebody: *tastes stew* Say this is good. What is it?

    Alliance member 1: *rushes away*

    Alliance Leader A: It's a special recipe. People have died for it.

    Somebody: Really? *takes another spoonful* ... Hey, what is this thing?

    Alliance Leader A: Probably a finger bone. Sometimes they slip through.

    Somebody: Slip... through???

    Alliance Leader A: Yeah, we have to keep Alliance Leader C happy... Only way to do it is provide her with bones. So we just haul a few bodies back every now and then and slow cook them to deflesh them. We strain off the stew and it's pretty good when the wheat is getting low or you are really drunk...

    Somebody: *THUD!!!*

    Alliance Leader A: Oh, well, I see he don't have what it takes... Ok, next applicant...


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